Welcome to the library. Pull up a chair, grab a course, and get ready to learn exactly what you need to know. No need to whisper.

At Dossier, we’re always learning. 

New methods.

New approaches.

New ways to connect.

Clients comment that our work feels like magic, but—shhh—it has a lot more to do with a whole lot of experience than it does with marketing wizardry. (Though we’re not denying that a hint of alchemy may be involved.)

We believe that the best learning is hands-on, comprehensive, and easily followed. That’s why we design our courses with ease and depth in mind.

Everything you need to know. Nothing to waste your time. The questions you need to ask yourself and the direction to put those answers to work—right now. Our library is stocked with learning that’s direct, specific, and carefully guided from the foundation all the way up to the finishing touches.

Whatever flavor of brand development you need to learn for your business—whether that’s branding, marketing, or copywriting—you’re in the right place.

Dossier’s library currently contains the following courses:

Mind Your Business

Running a business built on increasing your impact and prioritizing what you value most? That takes a solid foundation and a clear, intentional path. In Mind Your Business, we look at what it means to build a values-based business, teach you how to craft your Mission and Vision Statements to ensure everything you do is working toward a very clear goal (your own!), and discover how to build a business around what matters most to you, doing work that brings you joy (and income). Building a solid foundation so you can communicate exactly how you support your Right Person? Yes, please.

The Bonafide Brand Blueprint

Your guide to getting your DIY business website up and running in as quickly as a day. We’ve compiled the core elements we wish we’d understood better—and some excellent, tried-and-true resources we wish had existed—way back when, and put them all into a handy guide for you. 


Interested in more?

Dossier is pleased to offer exclusive access to courses written and designed by The Voice Bureau. 

(Please note: All Voice Bureau courses are hosted on the Voice Bureau website, but fulfillment and support are handled by Dossier. For any questions, you can reach us at Multiple courses may be purchased together from either site simply by adding them to your cart—the same cart will cover both sites.)

Currently available in The Voice Bureau Classroom:

→ Writing the Conversational Sales Page

An online course for service-based and practice-based business owners who want their sales pages to actually work in helping their Right People buy and enroll in programs, workshops, courses, events, and custom services with ease and joy, minus the stress, fear, and shame often peddled with typical “internet marketing” techniques.

→ Right People Rules

A self-guided inquiry kit designed to help you hone in on ideal client clarity. Discover exactly who your Right Person is and what that means for your business.

→ Run Your Business Like a Magazine

A course on content strategy & the editorial mindset for solo & small business owners. Craft consistently compelling content with just a little (painless) planning.

→ The E-Letter Atelier

Craft your business’s e-newsletter from concept to content in the company of your peers.

→ Write Your Authentic About Page

A self-paced course for solo and small business owners, focusing on About page structure, philosophy, and narrative flow. Get your About page—the perfect one for you and your Right People—started, finished, and published!

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