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Katie Boyer

With a background in art and a passion for project management, Katie’s as happy with a spreadsheet or a piece of code as she is writing copy or sourcing the perfect image. Her love of media and communication has led her to jobs in radio, magazines, and digital media, as well as guaranteeing that she’ll never quite reach the bottom of her stacks of music, movies, and books.

Katie is entirely incapable of doing anything halfway, from the 13-course themed dinner parties she enjoys hosting to the elaborate three-tier cakes she will bake given the flimsiest of excuses. She holds a deep appreciation for oliveshigh-maintenance skincare routines; expansive, open-world video games; and just about anything science fiction or fantasy. After attending college in Southern California, Katie moved to Florida, where she now lives with her two daughters.

Emma Alvarez Gibson

Emma’s lifelong obsession with branding and writing  has facilitated her entrée into advertising, publishing, public relations, film and television production, automotive, health and wellness, and higher education. She’s founded a number of publications and has written for various others, as well as edited magazines and books.

Emma is the mind behind A Brief Compendium of Cool, a space in which to examine what comprises cool—beyond trends, beyond the current era. She is fluent in Spanish, conversational in Italian, and at a rather rudimentary level of German. Some of her favorite things are anemones and dahlias, books of all sorts, listening to the Kills, The Velvet Underground, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and knitting. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and three troublesome dogs.

Select Skills

Advertising campaign creation and management (digital, print + outdoors) ◈  Brand messaging ◈ Brand voice development  Content strategy ◈ Copywriting (web, packaging, blog, email campaigns) ◈ Digital performance analytics reports  
e-Course development ◈ Editing ◈ Event planning ◈ Media placement ◈ Project management

Select Clients + Collaborators

Acura Disney  William Gibson HSN Infiniti Jivita Jewelry Lexus ◈ Mom 2.0 Nonviolent Communication Academy Norwegian Cruise Line One Love Organics  Pepperdine University Tanya Schoenroth Designs  Scion Toyota
Van Arbour Design WaterSafe Wellineau

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