Imagine you had your dream marketing team for one day. What could you accomplish?

  • Maybe you’d like an all-new website.

  • Ad campaigns for social media and Google with low cost-per-click and serious results.

  • An entire rebrand planned out, complete with brand style guides and easy-to-adapt language templates.

  • A year of blog posts scheduled, with plenty written and ready to go so you’re starting out ahead of schedule.

  • Your next digital course mapped out, and plenty of progress on your first draft.

  • A whole new introductory email sequence and funnel, with a well-designed opt-in giveaway and an autoresponder designed to draw your ideal client into your brand. 

  • Uber-effective custom templates you can use for every launch your business has.

And because you’ve got just this one, amazing day, there’s no “I’ll get this to you a week from Thursday” or “Let’s meet next Wednesday at 3 to talk about your goals, and then I’ll brief my team at our meeting on Friday, and we’ll coordinate with the other departments over the following week…” 

It all gets done.  

And that’s what Dossier’s VIP Single-Day Intensive is all about.

 We’re offering a limited number of these exclusive packages right now, because you are getting all of our attention, and we’re going to be fitting weeks’ worth of work into a single day. (After which we shall definitely need a nap, in the best way possible.)

What You Get

For one scheduled weekend day (so it’s okay if you’re easing into entrepreneurship from a day job or need to track down childcare), you have Emma and Katie’s full attention. We’ll both be on hand to help you with whatever needs the most help in your business so you can make serious progress and truly check the big projects off your list for good. Maybe you’re working on content strategy with Katie while Emma sets up your new WordPress theme, and then you get to establish your brand voice and write your website copy with Emma while Katie works on the design for your site or sets up analytics reporting or your new Google AdWords campaign. 

A week or two after our session, we’ll schedule a 30-minute follow-up chat with you to make sure you’re feeling comfortable about it all, and to answer any final questions or discuss anything else you might want our help with.

We’ll also include some tools to help light the way. Navigational instruments, you might say. Fully luxe ones, to support you in making the most of our time together (and to honor our own love of receiving beautiful surprises in the mail). We’ll even order you lunch, because no good ideas have ever come from a mid-afternoon blood sugar crash.

How It Works

 When you sign up for our VIP Single-Day Intensive, you’ll receive a link to our calendar, where you can choose any available day for your session. Within 24 hours, we’ll be in touch with a link to an initial survey so we have an understanding of what you hope to get out of the day and how we can best support you (and what you might want for lunch).

Once we’ve received your survey, we’ll put together a written intake questionnaire, so you have plenty of time to think through some specific details about your brand and your business and we can hit the ground running first thing on your VIP day.

Our day begins at 8am Pacific time (11am Eastern). We’ll send you a link to a video conferencing program, where we’ll all meet and discuss our plans for the day. Then, Emma and Katie will put all those marketing and branding skills to work and start on your projects. There will be plenty of collaboration with you throughout the day, and it’s likely, depending on your needs, that we’ll take turns working directly with you and on our own, trading back and forth as needed over the course of the day so you’re getting two sets of eyes (and, most likely, hands) on everything we deliver to you. 

At a reasonable time (based on your time zone), lunch will magically appear at your door, and you’ll get to take a break while we continue to work. There will be plenty of breaks throughout the day for all of us, so we’re all at our best and focused on getting your projects finished—and having some fun while we’re at it.

We’ll finish our day at 3pm Pacific  (6pm Eastern).

The investment for our VIP Single-Day Intensive is $7550. 

We are extremely efficient at what we do, but if you’d like to check with us on a specific project before you sign on, we’re happy to confirm whether it’s something we could complete in a day. Just drop us an email at with your project details, and we’ll let you know what we think. (Chances are? We’ve got this.)



// I’m not really sure what my business needs right now. Should I wait to sign up for this?

Maybe. But it’s possible that what your business needs is a bit of strategy, and Emma and Katie are both expert marketing, branding, and content strategists.

// I want to include my business partner/operations manager/business coach/project manager in our day. How many people are included in our session?

The VIP Single-Day Intensive is designed to be 2-on-1 (Dossier-to-you), but we can certainly accommodate more team members, either at your physical location or separately. Each additional team member is $150, and we’ll be sure they receive a package with their very own swag, plus lunch wherever they’re working. Just be sure to add your additional team members when you purchase your day, or email us right away at and let us know if you need to add someone on.

If you have more than three team members you’d like to add to your VIP day, please reach out and let us know so we can discuss beforehand. We want to make sure your team is fully represented, but it’s important to note that the decision-makers are key to this process, and catering to too many opinions can make our day less productive for you. 

// I’m a solo business owner. Is this a good fit for me?

Absolutely! We’re happy to support anyone from a solopreneur to a multinational corporation (and have). The most important thing is that you have a project (or projects) for us to help you complete and are willing to commit to one day with us to collaborate and fine-tune together.

// I’m worried about finding enough to fill the day. What if we finish early? Can I just book a half-day?

If we finish everything on your to-do list, that’s great! We do not offer our VIP sessions as a half-day option, but as any business owner knows, there’s always something else that needs to be done. Emma and Katie have broad skill sets that include branding (naming, vocabulary, color palettes, iconography, you name it), copywriting, design, web development, marketing, advertising, analytics…basically, if you need something done online, there’s a good chance we can help. And if there’s time left over, we can always fill it by writing some social media posts, planning some blogs, mapping out an editorial calendar—if you don’t have anything left on your to-do list, we can definitely help you pick something. 

// My business is still in the dreaming/planning phase. Is it too soon for me to sign up for this session?

Not at all! Starting out with a solid, well-planned foundation is one of the best things you can do for your business. It’s never too soon to start learning the skill sets and mindsets that will make you a stronger business owner, content creator, and marketer. And if you’re just starting out, we could easily spend our day developing your brand identity and getting your first website online, so by the end of the day your business has an online presence. That said, if you’re still deciding what it is your business is going to do or you’re not planning to launch for another six months, you might want to hold off.

// I’m not so tech savvy. What do I need to be able to get the most out of this day?

If you can click links, open files, and work your computer’s microphone and camera, you have everything you need. We’ll handle everything else, and in fact, we’ll be supporting you to think about your brand offline while we’re working on your digital presence. And if you get stuck or run into a snafu, we’re just a message away at

// Do you have a refund policy or a guarantee?

We guarantee that you will be getting the best work we can provide, and we do not offer refunds. We have a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence but do not guarantee specific results from our work, since clients will come into this process in all different seasons of life, phases of business, and levels of self-awareness. We’ll work with what you can bring to us and give you the tools to move forward from there.

// After I purchase, what happens next?

When you sign up for our VIP Single-Day Intensive, you’ll receive a link to our calendar, where you can choose any available day for your session. Within 24 hours, we’ll be in touch with a link to an initial survey so we have an understanding of what you hope to get out of the day and how we can best support you, along with your specific requests for food or other customization options. 

Once we’ve received your survey, we’ll put together a written intake questionnaire, so you have plenty of time to think through some specific details about your brand and your business. We will need to receive your completed intake questionnaire at least 48 hours before your scheduled VIP day so that we can review in advance and plan how to support you.

After we’ve received your completed intake, we’ll send you a link to the video conferencing meeting, where we’ll meet at 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific on your chosen day. 

Have a question we haven’t addressed? Email us at and we will respond to you ASAP.

About Dossier

Emma and Katie come to Dossier with over a decade of friendship and nearly as long working together. They finish each other’s sentences—and sales pages—and know exactly where one’s strengths end and the other’s begin. A typical project involves more back-and-forth than a high-stakes pinball championship, ending with a deliverable so highly polished, they could use it to touch up their lipstick. (Fenty Stunna in Uncensored, if you were wondering.) 

With decades of experience between them, Emma and Katie execute branding and marketing strategy, design, web development, and copywriting with a forward-thinking ease that appears almost clairvoyant. If your business could use a bit of enchantment, they’d love to talk.

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