Turn On the Bright Lights

Turn On the Bright Lights

Have you ever worked with the WRONG client?

They’re eternally asking you to work in ways that just don’t suit you. Change your approach, your energy, your communication style. You suggest an email, they beg for a call. Does this come in a different color? Can you make it half this size? I know it says you need two weeks to complete this, but… 

And when you deliver your finished product, the fruit of your labors, the pièce de résistance…they don’t love it.

Clients like this consume your schedule, your energy, and your love for your business. Too many like that and you may find yourself packing up shop and looking for a day job.

So what’s the secret to warding off the wrong clients?


Your wrong clients come to you when your business is out of alignment with who you are. They see something that resonates with them and come to you looking for more of that. The problem is, what they’re seeing isn’t really you. And when you give them what you really are? It’s not what they were looking for. It’s not their fault (or yours). They just…thought they were ordering pizza, when what you’re serving is sushi.

But when you take the time to create a brand that is utterly you, when you delve deep and figure out what matters most, what you value, how you want to show up, and truly embrace your weird in all its honest, meaningful, vulnerable glory, your Right Person—your actual Right Person—will come flying to you.

And working with your Right Person? Is a dream. They love what you do. They trust you. They want to spend time with you. (And you want to spend time with them!)

Truth: we’re good at fostering connection for our clients. Like, REALLY good at it. It’s definitely our thing.

Because we recognize that an authentic connection doesn’t come from a template or a prescriptive approach. We know that building a sustainable, meaningful community packed with your Right People takes deep, vulnerable, introspective work. Yes, that translates into more—and easier—sales for you, over a longer period of time. But, even more, it translates into a lasting connection with the people you want to connect with, who make it a joy to do your work, and who gladly support you because they care about what you’re doing, not because you’re using some formula for landing more sales.

That’s why The Aurum is such an important focus for us. You’ll get support for your learning as you help build your intentional, authentic brand, but more importantly, you get connection. With us, with other business owners, with people who understand where you are and what you’re going through and whose businesses are also based on fostering true, authentic, honest connections. There’s no shouting to be heard or putting on a fake sales face to prove to the world that you’re important and successful.

Come as you are. Leave a little better. Connect. Authentically.

Doors to The Aurum open April 1. Won’t you join us?

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