Yes, you.

You do things a little bit differently, don’t you? Maybe your business doesn’t look quite how other people think it should. 

“Normal” marketing? Mainstream business coaches? Overcrowded Facebook groups of people clamoring to SELL SELL SELL rather than support you? Hard pass for you?

Yeah, it is for us, too. Come sit with us.


Could you use some help connecting with your ideal clients?

Are you looking for other business owners with the kind of authenticity you value?

Do you miss that feeling of enchantment you had when you first started your business? (Or have you never gotten past the logistics to actually find that enchantment?)

This is exactly what we do.

Hi, there. We’re Emma and Katie, the women behind the curtains here at Dossier.
With a couple decades of experience in digital marketing between us, we’re pretty sure we can help you get past what has you stuck in your business. And we’ve come up with a pretty freaking delightful way of doing it, if we may say so.


You’ve seen it in other businesses.

A style that catches your eye; ads that make you wish you’d thought of them first; a level of polish and consistency and cohesiveness to their brand that has, so far, escaped you. You know you have a great business. You think there’s just something getting lost in translation before it’s reaching the eyes and ears of your ideal audience.

You might be having a hard time connecting with your business. You tell yourself you love the work, but when it comes time to sit down and blog or write website copy or connect with your audience, you find yourself drawing a blank, which is mega-frustrating.

Maybe you’ve struggled to come up with a cohesive identity for your brand. Something that feels like you, like that perfect leather jacket that’s practically molded to your body, or the signature lip color you won’t leave the house without (even if no one else will see it). Something that excites you every time you think of it, and that’s carried across every single thing you do so that it’s so deeply entrenched in your business that it’s practically part of its DNA.

It’s possible your business never really felt like it needed much of an online presence. A basic website, maybe; an address and a couple of pictures to entice visitors through the door. But in today’s world, that no longer feels like enough. (In today’s world, your doors may not even be open.) How can you adapt so that your business has an opportunity to grow in this environment, rather than biding your time and hoping you make it to the other side?

Maybe you’re ready to develop a signature offering for your clients, something that feels true to who you are and what you do, that allows you to engage with your ideal customers in a way that feels like a joy to you…or that is entirely passive income and allows them to get to know you without your lifting a finger. Something that lets you—no matter how local and location-dependent you are—engage on a global level.

Or maybe you’re struggling to get eyes on you, online. Your website is just sitting there, waiting for the right people to come along…and now what? You’ve heard you need to promote it, maybe even run some ads, but without a clear plan of action, it just feels like a waste of money. You don’t want to throw away your advertising budget just to shout into the abyss.

Maybe it’s all of these things, but you know that hiring someone to do it all for you is out of your reach (or just your interest) right now. 

And maybe (probably) you’re feeling pretty alone about it all.


You know what would be really, really good for your business?

A gorgeous, straightforward brand-building solution that is, frankly, kind of magical.

Who you are, at your most authentic, most involved, most fully realized, is exactly what your business needs. It’s time to fully step into your own magic and turn it into business gold.


  • Know you need to develop a cohesive brand identity so you can grow and flourish as a business
  • Haven’t figured out how to regularly connect with your clients or customers online
  • Want regular, ongoing support, a community of business owners working through similar issues, and an extra push to focus on what truly matters in your work
  • Aren’t quite ready to invest in our full-on, white-glove service, or are hardcore DIY-or-die forever [mad respect!]
  • Delight in receiving ultra-luxe surprises in the mail

If this resonates with you, we’d love to have you join us in this shared experience. Call it a membership community. Call it a secret society (oh, we do). 

The Aurum is an immersive, supportive, ongoing community of business owners just outside the mainstream looking for something a little bit different…results they can count on, month after month.


The investment for The Aurum is $385 per month, or $3750 if you choose to join us for a full year. 

The annual subscription also includes bonus items in your first mailing, along with a two-on-one Flashbang Clarity consulting session for personal support outside of the group setting.

What you’ll get from The Aurum


The Aurum comprises:

  • A brand-new, four-lesson course each month, designed to cut straight to the heart of what matters most in your business.
  • A monthly video chat with Emma and Katie, where we share our thoughts on the month’s topic and offer our own suggestions and strategies for building a business when you don’t naturally fit in lock-step with what you’ve always felt a corporation “should” be
  • Twice-monthly group coaching calls with Emma and Katie, helping you work through areas where you need more personal support
  • A Facebook group, where you can interact with other members of The Aurum to share successes and struggles, offer support, celebrate wins, and participate in group discussions and guided challenges around that month’s topic
  • Discounted, member-only rates on two-on-one (that’s us and you) coaching calls, done-for-you and done-with-you branding and marketing support, and on the entire library of courses in The Voice Bureau’s classroom
  • And monthly box of small luxuries that are as practical as they are enchanting, and

In case you missed it, that’s a brand new four-lesson course, each and every month.

What sort of things will they cover? Well, we’re glad you asked.

April: Mind Your Business

We’ll be talking about what it means to build a values-based business, teach you how to craft your Mission and Vision Statements to ensure everything you do is working toward a very clear goal (your own!), and how to build a business around what matters most to you, doing work that brings you joy (and income). Building a solid foundation so you can communicate exactly how you support your Right Person? Yes, please.

Think we’re using up all the good stuff in our first month? Oh no, we’re just getting started.

In May, we’ll be exploring your Right Person. You’ll learn how to identify them, whether you’ve been in business 10 years or 10 minutes. You’ll learn what sort of buyer they are, and what they need from you in order to feel comfortable connecting—and purchasing. And we’ll talk about exactly what you bring to them, and how to communicate that to them effectively, every time.

In June, we’ll be crafting your USP: the statement of what makes your business stand out from all the others out there. It’s the siren call for your Right Person. The elevator pitch that so often eludes us. Ten seconds to convince someone you’re right for them? You’ve got this.

And because we know that people learn differently, you’ll receive access to each lesson as a text file and an audio recording, so you can choose whichever method works best for you

Sound a little bit overwhelming? Don’t worry! You’ll get step-by-step guidance for each part of this process, with guided inquiry questions, exercises, and methods for putting it all together that mirror much of what we use in our white-glove, one-on-one services—without your needing the decades of marketing experience we have under our belts in order to put it into practice.  


And, best of all, you’ll get to join us in our private membership community, The Aurum.

Doors to The Aurum open April 1.

So, to reiterate, you’ll be receiving:


  •  A new in-depth, four-lesson course each month that will get straight to the heart of crucial business skills like:
    • Determining your ideal client
    • Establishing a visual brand identity
    • Developing your brand voice
    • Coming up with a (COVID-proof, growth-friendly) signature offering
    • Naming your business and products or offerings
    • Setting up and promoting your own website
  • Guided exercises, inquiry questions, and methods for turning your ideas in an easily-actionable plan for building and promoting your digital presence, including templates and step-by-step instructions on setting up ads, funnels, and other promotions
  • A fresh, live video from Emma and Katie giving you personal insight into the themes and lessons of that month’s course.
  • Two live group coaching/support calls to talk through any questions, comments, or stuck-ness, so you can take advantage of our more-than-two-decades of experience in marketing. 
  • A community of people who, like you, would rather forge their own authentic path than try to fit into a business mold that never was meant for them in the first place
  • And because we love getting gorgeous surprises in the mail, we’ll be sending you a monthly box of treats and extras, because that’s how Dossier rolls. (Engraved selenite crystals in their own velvet bags? Luxury candles? Gorgeous, embossed leather journals? A hand-written note just for you, waxed-sealed because we live for the intrigue? Oh, yes. And more.

Essentially, we want you to feel as good about this process as you’re going to feel about your business when all is said and done. 


The investment for The Aurum is $385 per month. 
We offer a discounted rate for those who sign up for a full year: $3750.

The annual subscription also includes bonus items in your first mailing, along with a two-on-one Flashbang Clarity consulting session for personal support outside of the group setting.



// I’m not really sure what my business needs right now. Should I wait to sign up for this?

No, this is actually a great starting point for you! We’ll be helping you with building (or rebuilding) your brand identity, especially online. Even if you’re starting from the ground up, the guided questions will help you figure out those next steps. (Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know, you know?) But if your business is still in the dreaming/planning phase, you might have a hard time acting on some of the prompts. That said, there’s nothing like some direct, specific, actionable guidance to help you take those first steps with confidence. If you think you’ll be ready to launch your business within the next six months, The Aurum should be a good fit for supporting you.


// I’m a solo business owner. Is this a good fit for me?

Absolutely! We’re happy to support all like-minded clients, from solopreneurs to  multinational corporations (and we have). The courses are designed to be completed by the primary decision-maker for your business, so if that’s you, wonderful! If you have a few key partners, these may even be good group exercises to work through together. But the size of your business doesn’t really determine whether this will work for you; that’s determined by your willingness to take the time to consider your business and make your way through the course material and engage with The Aurum.


// How much time can I expect to spend on this course?

This really depends on your own comfort levels in talking about your business and the amount of space you need to sit with the material. Each module includes exercises, guided visualizations, and inquiry questions that will help you figure out what your business needs, and step-by-step instructions on how to implement those plans. You probably won’t want to rush through this in a weekend, but you should be able to start implementing what you’ve learned as you go. We would estimate that you should be able to complete each of the four lessons in around an hour, but it could be up to a few hours if you really want to sit with the material.

Our monthly video call and group coaching sessions will be around one hour each.



// I’m not so tech savvy. What do I need to be able to use this material?

For The Aurum, you’ll need to have basic internet access to log in to our membership portal, a Facebook account to interact with our community, and the ability to click a link to join our video calls. If you’d like to be coached during one of our group coaching calls, a microphone (built-in is fine) and webcam are important.

The courses are hosted online in our membership portal. If you can click links and navigate a basic website, you should be just fine.

And if you get stuck or run into a snafu, we’re just a message away at


// When will I be receiving my box of treats and tools in the mail? Can I get a peek at what’s inside?

We plan to ship the boxes out shortly after the first of the month. If you join mid-month, you’ll be receiving your box a bit later, but no later than we send out the next month’s treats. Because many of these treats are custom-made or ordered from other small businesses, quantities may vary, and we can’t guarantee a particular product in any given month.

Yes, that means you’ll have to be a little bit patient. Yes, the exact swag you’ll be receiving is going to be a surprise (but a good one). We’ll take care of you, we promise.

While these tools should make our work together easier and/or more enjoyable, they’re not necessary to get the most out of our course or our time together in The Aurum.


// Why swag? I don’t really need the unnecessary expense. Can I just pay for the course on its own?

We’ve heard it said that offline is the ultimate luxury, and we tend to agree. At a time when so many of our interactions are digital, isn’t it nice to have a little something in the real world to make you feel special?

We believe it should feel luxurious to work on your business, which is why we’ve packaged The Aurum with an array of treats and tools to help you maintain focus, clarity, and a feeling of delight—dare we say, enchantment—while you build your brand identity. There are plenty of things we can teach you with words and courses, but some lessons require a more tactile approach. Consider these enchanting objects a little part of your education—a piece of learning you get to hold in your hand.

Enchantment is a cornerstone of our philosophy, which is why we don’t offer The Aurum as a bare-bones, course-only experience. We assure you, we aren’t making money off of the swag we send you, and we’re not adding a significant markup to include it. Consider it a little treat, and an opportunity to support other small businesses when we can.


// Do you have a refund policy or a guarantee?

We guarantee that you will be getting the best work we can provide, and we do not offer refunds. We have a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence but do not guarantee specific results from our work, since clients will come into this process in all different seasons of life, phases of business, and levels of self-awareness. However, because this is a physical kit you’ll be receiving in the mail, if anything arrives damaged, please let us know and we’ll make it right.


// What is your cancellation policy?

While we hope you’ll choose to stick around and grow with our community, we understand this little secret society may not be for everyone. If you choose to cancel your membership, we’ll need 15 days advance notice to update our records and ensure we’ve ordered appropriate amounts for the coming month’s mailing, and you won’t be able to re-join The Aurum for one year.


// What can I expect to happen once I make the purchase?

When you sign up for The Aurum, you’ll receive an email confirming your membership and directing you to share your shipping information and preferred Facebook account for the membership group. Before doors officially open on April 1, we’ll be in touch with your log-in information so you can access the membership site and start on your course. We’ll share information on our monthly calls as soon as the details are finalized, and you’ll be able to access all of that information within our membership site, as well.

Boxes of treats and tools will be sent out shortly after the first of the month. We aren’t able to guarantee a specific delivery date, but you can expect them as soon after the first of the month as we can manage. (Keeping in mind that we’re a small business and not drop-shipping from Amazon.)

Have a question we haven’t addressed? Email us at and we will respond to you ASAP

Cost: $385 per month, or $3750 annually

The annual subscription also includes bonus items in your first mailing, along with a two-on-one Flashbang Clarity consulting session for personal support outside of the group setting.
About Dossier

Katie and Emma parlayed their decades of marketing experience into their dream business, Dossier, in just a matter of days, with ease and in alignment with their values and with each other. Surprising? No; that’s how they’ve always collaborated, whether on copywriting projects, running a magazine together, planning a party, or helping their friends, families, and one another navigate life. That is, with razor-sharp focus, crystal-clear intentions, mad intuition, and a fervent desire to bring excellence and beauty into the world.

Oh, and all this while on opposite sides of the country. (It helps that they’re both former goth/punk kids, science nerds, language dorks, Cancerians, mothers, and connoisseurs of perfume, gin, and red lipstick.) When the planets align and they’re in the same city at the same time, Emma and Katie enjoy posing moodily on cliffs.

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