Dossier Playlist: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Technically, neither of us experiences a real, true, North American autumn with any regularity. (Occupational hazards of living in St Pete and LA, respectively.) But man, fall is a mood for both of us. Even if all we have is the (ever-so-slightly) cooler temps and the encroaching return of shorter daylight and longer darkness, it’s a time for reflection. For dreaming. For writing and making. For coziness. For honoring your people, near and far, on this side or that of the veil.

Things are, in some respects, easier than they were a year ago. And in other respects, they’re simply splintered, waiting for us to build something new or simply embrace the loss, and continue to grow around it. Wherever you might be this season, there’s a song for you.

Emma and Katie

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