Slay, Queen

Dossier Playlist: International Day of the Woman 2021

We like to celebrate women every day of the year around here, but let’s take just a moment today to appreciate all those amazing women out there who are killing it: whether “it” is their careers, motherhood, smashing the patriarchy, making the best freaking cheeseburger you’ve ever had, or getting out of bed every morning…or most mornings, anyway.

Here at Dossier, our feminism is intersectional, inclusive, and always, always supportive of those who are marginalized, oppressed, or disadvantaged.

In the spirit of the day, we’ve put together a playlist packed with some of our favorite women doing what they do best. Have a listen, enjoy, and remember—women rock every day of the year, not just today.

Happy International Women’s Day, friends.

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