Crippling stage fright? We’ve got you.

We made it! Today is Day 5 of our Visibility Challenge for Introverts, and we’ve been showing up every day with ways to help you show up for your Right Person ideal clients. How has it gone for you? What have you learned about how you like to show up, or what your Right Person seems to enjoy most from you? Don’t forget, we need to hear from you if you want to be included in the running for our free Flashbang Clarity Session. We’ve put together a short form for you to fill out to let us know about your week—you’ll need this to be included in the contest:

For our last day, we want to talk about something that hits close to home for both of us: handling stage fright.

Stage fright raises its ugly little head most obtrusively when when it’s time for live videos—we’re literally there on the spot—but even when we hit send on an email or publish on a new blog post, there’s a little hit of nerves. And if you’re not feeling good about putting yourself out there…you end up finding excuses not to put yourself out there.

What to do?

Well, the first step is getting really clear on who you are and creating a sort of public persona to do the talking for you. Don’t get the wrong idea, this is still you, but it’s a more polished, sometimes theatrical, less terrified-to-be-on-stage version of you. The you that’s confident and in charge.

It’s easier to slip into this persona if you give her a bit of a costume—not necessarily something someone would recognize as a costume, but an intentional look that helps you feel like you’re acting the part. We’re all familiar with Sasha Fierce, but there’s no need to go to that extreme (though if you do, we support you 100%, please invite us to watch). Just remember that you’re playing a role—reframing it from “putting myself out there” to “filling a role to do the thing that needs to be done” tends to make it a lot easier to show up.

The second thing that helps with stage fright is speaking directly to your Right Person—or even just a friend who’s Right Person adjacent. You might even pin their picture up next to your webcam or near the computer monitor where you write your blog posts, so you feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Be specific when you’re imagining this person, and let the conversation develop naturally. The more clearly you can picture them, the easier it will feel to call them up and have a chat.

Finally, be intentional about your overall brand conversation. What matters to you as a business owner? What matters to you as a person? Talk about what excites you, and you’ll never struggle to come up with something to say. If you’re on a live video, some notes might help you stay on topic, and don’t feel like your first written drafts of blog posts, emails, or social media need to be your perfect final take. We’re humans, shit happens, and an imperfect communication won’t deter your Right Person. There’s a troll in your comments giving you a hard time about something? You’re not for them. Delete, and keep rolling.

And, of course…practice. Again and again. Go live. Write blogs. Send emails. Post social. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Hopefully, this Visibility Challenge has helped you reframe your thinking and kickstart a new habit of connecting with your Right Person. They want to hear from you!


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