Introverts Unite (Separately, in Your Own Homes)

It’s tricky being an introvert in business. You want to show up, to put yourself out there, to promote your business and help support the people who need you most, but the thought of actually doing it—writing the blogs, posting to social, hosting the videos and the webinars and the calls—all sounds like a lot. It’s enough to send an introvert to their (hypothetical) mountain cabin for a month or three.

We’re right there with you. (Emma is an INFJ and Katie is an INTJ, so really, we get this.)

But we know, of course, that marketing is essentially a numbers game. If it takes six points of contact to make a sale (according to…whoever decided that), that means you need to show up in front of that person six times before they’re likely to be ready to purchase something from you.

Subtract the 75% of Facebook messages that get lost in the algorithm and don’t even appear in their timeline. The 70-80% of emails that go unopened. The tweets that happened when they were offline (or that got buried under impeachment updates and people re-sharing that lawyer cat for, rightfully, the 800th time). The Instagram posts they almost got to before their kids interrupted them and they got pulled away.

Basically, you need to show up often if you want to get even a single point of contact, let alone six. (Why do you think J.Crew emails you 12 times a day?)

So, with this in mind, we’ve decided to host a Five-Day Visibility Challenge for Introverts next week. Monday through Friday, we’ll be showing up each day with emails, social media posts, live videos—whatever we can do to share tips on how to be more visible as an introvert without wanting to climb out of your skin, crawl under a rock, or shut down your business.

It’s all about keeping it authentic to yourself, getting creative, and…just doing the thing. Over and over.

Oh, and prizes. It’s also about prizes.

We’ll be gifting a 40-minute Flashbang Clarity Session (a $450 value!) to a friend of Dossier who shows up, takes the challenge, and sends us what they did to stay visible all week

So keep an eye on your inbox…our social…your local carrier pigeons and skywriters and singing telegrams…and we’ll be in touch soon with more details on how to join the challenge.

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