The 12 Days of Digital Marketing: Day 10

Welcome to Day 10 of The 12 Days of Digital Marketing. 

Every day, we’ll answer a marketing question sent in by people like you. Even if—especially if!—the phrase “internet marketing” produces deep nausea or dread. We’re here to show you how it’s all about connection and authenticity.


My business has been online for a good long time now, and the social media stuff I do, along with my site, definitely have a certain look that my clients associate with me. But I’ve felt for a while that I need to update it. (It doesn’t look outdated, I would just like something fresher!). A few of my cohorts have said that what I do is so closely tied to the look of my current online presence. How big a mistake would it be to change something that’s worked well for me for 10 years?

– Stuck in the Middle With Me



Dear Stuck,

We’re firm believers in refreshing the brand whenever you think it needs refreshing…as long as it both fits what you’re doing and won’t cause any confusion to your audience.

Let’s say your current look involves a lot of white space paired with sans serif fonts and a couple of bold accent colors, and it’s worked well for you, but you’re thinking you’d now prefer something more delicate, maybe even a bit old-fashioned. This would be a great time to rethink your brand identity.
Specifically, you’d want to consider:

– What aspects of my business are depicted via the clean, modern aesthetic I’ve developed?

– Which aspects no longer resonate, either with my business or with the visual identity?

– What is it about the more delicate, old-fashioned visuals that I like? (It is entirely possible that your brand is fine as is, but a different area of your life is missing that touch!)

– Which aspects of the new aesthetic I’m considering tie to my business?

If you find that, actually, your brand is no longer well represented by the visuals you developed way back when, great! Get yourself a branding person to help you build out your new look, and make a big splash about it when it’s ready to launch.

If instead you find that, hey, clean/modern/simple is really still where it’s at, then consider trading in the bold colors for something new, or keep the colors the same, but opt for an alternate sans serif font. This will keep your clients connected while providing not only a fresh look, but proof to the world that you and your business continue to evolve.

Wishing you amazing branding and a complete lack of stuckness,

-Emma & Katie

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