The 12 Days of Digital Marketing: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of The 12 Days of Digital Marketing. 

Every day, we’ll answer a marketing question sent in by people like you. Even if—especially if! the phrase “internet marketing” produces deep nausea or dread. We’re here to show you how it’s all about connection and authenticity.


Honestly, when I think of marketing, the first thing that comes to my mind is, “Ugh. this is a necessary evil I need to think about to get traffic and build awareness.” I hear about search words, and SEO, and first and second line headers (WordPress is scolding me for not doing this properly every time I publish my blog!). I think my critical question is: Where do I start? If I’m doing nothing consciously when it comes to digital marketing (other than creating really valuable content—which I do through newsletters, blogs, and social content)….what should I start to test? Paid promotion on social? Digital ads on Google? Help!

-Reluctant Rita



Dear Reluctant Rita, 

The great news is that you’re already creating useful content online. The more you put out into the world for your Right Person to see (and use and appreciate), the easier it will be to build SEO and grow your audience. And as you’re building a relationship with your readers through all of this great content, THEY are getting to know you and trust your expertise. So as far as where to start—you’re already there!

To promote your business and get that great content in front of the right people (ahem, your Right People), the most important thing to consider is where they are. Where are you currently seeing the most engagement? Does your Right Person prefer Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest? (Or something else altogether!) There’s no one answer for this, because no two businesses’ Right People are exactly alike—one might live for Facebook and Instagram, while another just avoids social media altogether.

We love Google ads and have gotten some great results for clients using them, because basically everyone uses the internet, and this means you’re finding them no matter where they are. There is a bit of a trial-and-error investment as you finesse the combination of audience, copy, and (in the case of Google Display Ads) images you’ll be using. If you’re trying Google ads, we recommend committing to at least $10-15 a day per ad for at least 1-2 months to really pin down what’s going to be most effective for you. The most important factor in creating a great Google ad is figuring out what your client needs at the time you could be the most useful to them. What sorts of things might they be searching, or what sites are they visiting, when they’re starting to have the problems you can solve? Have they recently bought a new house? Are they job hunting? If you can find them before they realize they need you, you’re more likely to be on their mind when they’re ready, and you’re more likely to stand out from others in your market.

The best place to market to your Right Person, though, is directly to the people who have expressed their interest in you. Whether this means your mailing list, a private social media group, or through specialized channels like YouTube or podcasts, these are the people who have chosen to be in your community, and every piece of content you share with them is building your connection and the likelihood of them wanting to work with you. All of the other advertising options should really feed into this pool, so you’re paying once for the promotion to bring them to you and then can reach out to them—without an ad campaign—anytime you want. A really useful opt-in is a great way to build this community, and consistently sharing helpful, unique, and authentic content will keep them interested and engaged in the longer term.

It can feel like internet marketing is a necessary evil, but it’s really just a means to begin creating an authentic, lasting connection with the people who will most appreciate what you have to offer. It doesn’t need to feel like SALES or MARKETING; it’s just finding the people who are going to benefit from what you do best.

And remember, the first steps are always the hardest. It gets easier (and more fun!), we promise. You can do this!

-Emma & Katie

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