The 12 Days of Digital Marketing: Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of The 12 Days of Digital Marketing. 

Every day, we’ll answer a marketing question sent in by people like you. Even if—especially if! the phrase “internet marketing” produces deep nausea or dread. We’re here to show you how it’s all about connection and authenticity.



We’ve identified the type of clientele we’d like to serve. So NOW what? What are some important things to take into account so we can reach them?

– Brick-and-Mortar Betty



Dear Brick-and-Mortar-Betty,

It’s wonderful that you’ve figured out who your Right Person is—that’s such an important step in creating an authentic connection with them!

If you want to reach that ideal client, try creating an avatar. Give your Right Person a name. Think about their backstory. What are her hobbies? Does he have kids? What’s their house like? Her job? His favorite foods? It may feel silly—and unnecessary—to come up with these details, but the more clearly you can picture your Right Person, the easier you’ll find it to talk to them.

And, of course, the more clearly you can picture your Right Person, the easier it will be to find them. Meet them where they are—literally as well as figuratively. Where do they hang out online? What might they be doing just before they realize they need you? Are they looking for ideas on Pinterest? Shopping for fixtures you could install? Trying to find a new job, and you just happen to have the perfect course for upleveling their career? Post or advertise there to make sure they see you. What are their interests besides what you can offer them? If you can show them how you’ll improve their lives, they’ll be delighted to come to you!

Things may feel dizzyingly out of control right now—especially for brick-and-mortar business owners—but in the absence of foot traffic, these are a few steps you can take right now to find your Right People exactly where they are right now and bring them in to you.

Happy client hunting (but not in a murdery way),

-Emma & Katie & a partridge in a pear tree

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