Our 2020 Gift Guide

Welcome to our second annual Dossier Gift Guide! Everything is so different this year! And it’s all so traumatic / exhausting / infuriating! That’s why we’ve opted for three installments this time around. With three simple categories and shorter lists, we aim to please.

Part One: Exquisite Little Treats

These gifts are small, yet deeply wonderful, delights. Relatively inexpensive. Some are specific items; others are ideas to riff on. They’re definitely not for everyone. Choose carefully, and prepare to be told how wonderful it is to really be seen.

Part Two: Classic Beauties

These are warm, thoughtful, solidly useful gifts you might send to the friends you’d normally see over Christmas, to your favorite aunt or uncle, to the people you think of as bonus family members. They convey comfort and coziness, but they’re also whimsical and fun. 

A Coffee Table Book They’ll Love

An Engaging and Distracting, Yet Wholesome, Activity 

A Three-in-One Gift That Feels Like So Much More

Part 3: EXTRA-extra! Read all about it! 

There’s so much extra in this final piece of this (terrible, horrible, no-good) year’s gift guide. Most of these picks are just unabashedly, fancifully, ridiculously pricey. (But don’t worry, there are definitely Not-Wealthy Person options, too.) As a whole, this is all…EXTRA-extra. And we regret nothing!

To wit: 

  • This mildly risqué book clutch
  • This rad, futuristic gym replacement. (I would 100% work out more regularly. Seriously. – Emma)
  • This lovely pink Champagne with helpful flutes
  • A pair of ridiculous and excellent sunglasses
  • A black silk turban, of course. (Or—and this may be the Floridian in me talking—this one. – Katie)
  • This hyper elegant, yet somehow casually badass watch. 
  • This coat. (Is my new boyfriend. – Emma)
  • A sweetly Victorian-esque birthday book with Nick Cave lyrics for each day.  
  • This robe. (In teal, please. Always. – Katie)
  • These shoes.
  • This dress.
  • This kimono (or really any of hers). (We’ve all discovered how much we love lounging around in robes during this pandemic, right? And we’re not giving that up? I mean, I’m certainly not. – Katie)
  • This tea set (or any of their dish sets).
  • This bracelet. Or this one. Or this one
  • This tree house. (OBVIOUSLY.)
  • These framed prints. (Bonus note: I found this completely organically and thought, “Hey! I know her!” She’s a past client and a super talented artist. – Katie)
  • These gorgeous masks. Or these.
  • LITERALLY any of these stunning lingerie sets.
  • This subscription box.

And there you have it, lovelies. We hope you were inspired, or at the very least entertained, and if you do nab any of the items on this list, let us know!

Love love,
Katie and Emma





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